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Centerville and Appanoose County's only media ambassadors.

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• Our morning show, Appanoose AM that airs every weekday at 7 AM
• The HyVee Sports show with all of your local sports coaches and athletes that airs every Wednesday at 6 PM
• Original content where we highlight local businesses, interview local legends, play games, watch movies and TV shows, talk with legends of the South Central Conference and teach you tech tips
• All of the city's plannings during City Council meetings;
• The sounds of local band and choir concerts; every school student's achievements;
• And of course, LIVE professional broadcast of your home town sporting events.

Appanoose AM

Catch Appanoose AM every morning Monday-Friday at 7 Am and start your day, the right way.
Tune in and stay up to date on everything happening in Appanoose County, have fun with all of our entertaining discussions, and be involved in the comments of our show, or better yet, come by our giant Weather Window and wave hello or drive by and honk during our 30 yard traffic report.

Provide, Promote, Pursue

We are Appanoose County's only media ambassadors.

At GoPitchTV we,
• Provide a service for everyone in the community.
• Promote our community and the citizens and students in it, and
• Pursue Excellence not only for ourselves but for Centerville and Appanoose County.

We provide a free and worldwide platform for all of our local businesses and community leaders to have their voices heard.
We care about the growth and prosperity of Appanoose County.

Community Driven, Design Focused

Our team is a group of community minded people. We value community and providing professional quality broadcast to you each and every day. We know what matters most and provide you with not only entertainment, but stories about what you care about most.
You don't need to live here to be part of our community and enjoy our content. We want to get to know you and your story.

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